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Aussie Updates
Aussie SV Haven

Aussie Webpage Updates

Friday 6th July

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but when you work full time, it's a bit hard to keep up with everything. Anyway, I have been updating this page as much as possible. Just a few things to check out. For starters, there are some new additions to my fanfiction section. For example: Lots more chapters for Just Joshing and a new story called Big Brother as well as many more stories that have had chapters added to them. I'll leave that for you to check out, you might have a few surprises. Also check out the Liz and Todd section and see the new pic I have included, which was created by Katie (For those who don't know her, she has the awesome website, There's Something About Senior Year, which also have my stories posted). Happy Surfing!.

Sunday 6th May
Chapter 1 of May I Have This Dance is now posted in my fanfiction section. Also you will see on the main page that there is a button for the SV Awards, I've been nominated in the upcoming category so please vote!. Thanks.

Saturday 5th May
For the last couple of weeks, I've been updating the fan fic section, I've written couple of chapters for Transfer to SVU, finished off The Business Trip and started a chapter for the next story in the Todd and Liz Forever Series called Romantic Business. We also now have a new banner in the links for Sweet Valley with a Twist, so check out the fanfiction and the new link.

Friday 20th April
Today I created added two new sections to this site. An Aussie Conscience has the angel that sits on one shoulder, my devil is coming soon. Also I have made a page called The Aussie Awards, so come and nominate yourselves. You deserve it.

Sunday 15th April

Connor's slambook is now updated. Also I have added another two chapters to my fan fic called "Just Joshing". Also I have written another stories called "Transfer to SVU" and "SVSY Reunion". So check out the new additions.

Friday 6th April

Hi! Today I changed my awards page to include Cliques that I am a member of. So now the page is called "Awards 'n' Cliques. So check them out.

Friday 23rd March

Started a new fanfic called "Sweet Valley Calling" in the SVU Section. Added the Love and Career answers for Lila's Slambook. So check them out!

Sunday 18th March
Today I added two new chapters to Unexpected News to my fanfiction section. Be sure to check them out.

Monday 12th March

Added myself as a Sweet Valley Resident, I'm the 5th Member of the SV Fanlisting so make sure you join it. Added a new link in links page to take you to the new Digital Riot, be sure to check that out also, it is a very cool site.

Sunday 4th March (Melbourne dates)

Added a new series to the fanfiction called Todd and Liz Forever. Also added another Chapter to Just Joshing. There is also a link straight to the Todd and Liz Forever series index in the Todd and Liz Tribute Page so be sure to check them out.